The natural musical pitch of the universe gives a more harmonic and pleasant sound than 440 Hz.432 Hz seems to work at the heart chakra, “the feeling”, and therefore could have a good influence on the spiritual development of the listener. The dimensions of the Pyramids of Giza and the dimensions of earth are connected at a scale of 1:43,200. Another example of 432’s geometric significance come from John Stuart Reid’s experiments with his CymaScope. Music tuned to 432 Hz versus music tuned to 440 Hz for improving sleep in patients with spinal cord injuries: a double-blind cross-over pilot study – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih .gov You can listen to music that’s…, The Mystery And Controversy of the 432 Hz Frequency - Awaken Happy Life - […] to Ask Audio, Meditative Mind and Attuned […], LoveLula Christmas gifting ~ £50 budget – Natural Beauty with Baby - […] and peace. Copyright © 2021. A440 Pitch Standard – Wikipedia Lowering the pitch by just 8 Hz helps to calm the body and mind which in turn makes us more flexible, creative, peaceful and spontaneous; It also helps in the release of negative energy and can easily put us in a wonderful state of calm where relaxation is natural. Comme vous pouvez le voir clairement sur les deux tableaux suivants: La/A à 432 Hz: Beaucoup de cultures anciennes telles que les Grecs, les Égyptiens etc. Meanwhile, Babylonian accounts place their own history of the flood at 432,000 years. This has been the international standard tuning since the mid-1900s (1). Excerpt taken from the book: Hellenistic Science and Culture in the Last Three Centuries B.C. Les protéines sont des éléments de base qui composent les cellules animales ou végétales. Or 440 Hz n’est pas la fréquence qui a été originellement choisie comme base pour la musique classique. For instance, there are several sets of stones arranged in circles of a full 360 degrees. 432 Hz: Healing Through History Dating back a couple of centuries, there is fair evidence of instruments being tuned to the 432 Hz frequency. Again, 432. NIGHT TALK LIVE - 432Hz Conspiracy | Healing Music with Cliff Stanton - Mind Music Club - […] Healing Benefits of Music tuned to 432 Hz […], 18 Natural Things To Do To Lift Your Mood Instantly! Harmonizing with the natural frequency of light has a direct and powerful effect on the DNA of every living creation, particularly human beings. This has been proven by scientific research. Of course, 432 is not the only number that’s significant to the geometries of these ancient sites, but it’s one that we see again and again. La 432 Hz – La fréquence qui nous relie, à l’eau de La de l’au delà . This device uses vibration to form geometric shapes in both liquid and solid mediums. Due to more harmonic and pleasant nature of 432Hz music than 440Hz, it helps in the release of serotonin and endorphins, which in turn keep the blood pressure and heart rate stable.4. 432 Hz is in alignment with the frequency, “the heartbeat”, of our planet. It starts with Root Chakra and goes up to Crown Chakra. Le battement du cœur d’un être humain adulte au repos est idéalement de 72 battements par minute, ce qui correspond exactement à un sixième de 432 Hz ou la moitié de 144. Divide 60 by 10 and we get 6. 8 Hz is aligned with our very existence and intrinsically connected to 432 Hz. 4. Les effets sur l’humain. 432 pops up in many places of well-known history. That’s just 11 miles short of the radius of the earth, as measured between its poles, of 3,949. 432 Hz, la fréquence du coeur . We'll look at more examples of medical research later on, but first let's decode this frequency and understand it's significance in music and the wider world. 432 contre 440 Hz, l'étonnante histoire de la guerre des fréquences Temps de lecture : 6 min. Below is a list of the references those numbers correspond to. Aug 11, 2018. 432Hz Music helps in releasing the negative energy blockages and acts as a good sound healing tool to release toxins. In the modern day, research is showing that this frequency is far more beneficial to our physical health than the standard tuning of 440 Hz. Depuis des millénaires ce fut 432 Hz la fréquence de base du La/A. He wanted 432 Hz vibration to be spread around the world. Now, according to music theory, when playing in 432 Hz tuning, middle C is closer to 256 Hz, a frequency that is a multiple of 8 Hz. En utilisant cette fréquence comme base on obtient 518.4 Hz et non 528 Hz. The music is noted for its soothing properties. The relationship between our planet and this frequency is very interesting. Here is some inspiration : 5 simple things that mindful people do differently, that you can start doing today. If 432 Hz music can have that effect on people during dental surgery, imagine how it could help us in everyday life. Meditation music tuned to  432 Hz is relaxing for the body and mind and also more harmonically pleasant than 440 Hz. Deep OM Mantra Chants with Water Sounds ✡ Stress Relieving Brain Calming Nature Mantra Meditation. As noted previously, modern day music is tuned to the standard of A (note) = 440 Hz, but many musicians and scientists advocate that it should be A = 432 Hz. 6. Your email address will not be published. Musique 432 Hz GRATUITE - Streaming & Téléchargement - Musique 432 Hz avec Sons Binauraux, Sons Isochrones. Le « Mi »528 Hz est une des fréquences utilisée pour réparer l'ADN. Le code de Platon, ou pourquoi il est impossible de cacher les secrets de la fréquence divine « 432 Hz ». Le 144 Hz est aussi la fréquence du D ou du Ré quand le LA est accordé au 432 Hz. 1. It transpires that the additional 8 Hz difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz is a lot more significant than it would seem at first glance. 1. It is the scale that unites the body and consciousness with nature. How did these ancient builders discover these measurements, and why did they base the Great Pyramid’s dimensions on multiples of 432? Playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432 Hz creates a sense of peace and well being as it is the harmonic intonation of nature. Musique. In musical terms its benefits have been championed by the likes of ancient Egyptians, Mozart, Verdi, and Tibetan monks. Almost all of the music you hear on a day-to-day basis – whether in your car on the way to work or playing over the speakers at a local restaurant – is tuned to 440 Hz. 432 Hz est la fréquence universelle de la géométrie sacrée. Mantras for Inner Peace Benefits of Solfeggio Freq Balance Emotions Free Meditation Music. Because Maria Renolds tuning arrived at the concert pitch of A = 432 Hz. Chant seed mantra VAM for chakra healing benefits along... 963 Hz Frequency Music Benefits 963 Hz - Frequency of Gods as it is often called, and is known as pineal gland activator. Dans la pratique de la méditation, nous ne sommes pas dans une quête de perfection ni de performance, nous sommes dans une quête de vérité. Many researches have also . What do Stone Henge and the Pyramids of Giza have in common? On the other hand, if we take 8Hz as our starting point and work upwards by five octaves (i.e. La grande majorité des musiques que nous écoutons sont basées sur une fréquence de 440 Hz. If we multiply its height of 481.3949 feet by 43,200 and then divide by 5,280 (the number of feet in a mile), we get 3,938.685. L’album Coeur symphonique 432 permet de respirer avec les trois mouvements de base. That’s just 170 miles short of the circumference of the Earth, as measured around the equator. Les acides aminés sont à la base de tous les processus vitaux et de notre métabolisme. Quasiment toute la musique occidentale est actuellement accordée avec le La à 440 Hz. 432Hz Energy Cleanse 432 Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages • 432Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages & Fear (Energy Cleanse by Crystal Clear Intuition) 6:20 0:30. La recherche scientifique a montré que l’accordage au LA 432 Hz est quelque chose qui résonne de façon plus naturelle pour nous. 432 Hz is commonly used in music therapy to reduce stress and anxiety and bring down heart rate and blood pressure. And why aren’t we still using 432 Hz today as our musical tuning standard, instead of the mathematically inconsistent 440 Hz. Guides Célestes. More on that here. We say two numbers fall into golden ratio when their ratio to each other is the same as the ratio between the sum of both numbers and the larger number. ⋆ - […] want to see a music therapist, just put on your happy music whatever it may be, or even try…, How to Prepare for Coronavirus with Steve Good | Get Yourself Optimized - […] another really interesting, cool thing that I discovered over the last few weeks. In short, people feel better when listening to music at this frequency. From the Egyptian pyramids to Stone Henge and the Schumann resonance, numerous occurrences of this number have been uncovered from different corners of the globe. Elles sont elles-même composés d’acides aminés qui se sont liés et assemblés. Natures Joy Unfolding (432 Hertz) Marc Van Mourik & Wilka Zelders • Natures Joy Unfolding (432 Hertz) - Single. When Ivan Yanakiev heard an instrument tuned to 432 Hz, he said, it was like he’d heard God speak. Pour la trouver, on peut utiliser un con… If we multiply the perimeter of the Great Pyramid’s base, which is 3,023.16 feet, by 43,200 and then divide by 5,280 again, we get 24,734.94 miles. The question is not should you listen to 432 Hz music, but why wouldn't you? 432 is a key number in sacred geometry and resonates with the Golden Ratio. The Stradivarius violins, which were built throughout the late 17th and early 18th centuries, were tuned at 432 Hz and renowned for their superior construction and sound. Figurez-vous que celles de 432 Hz auraient une toute autre influence sur nous… C’est en regardant la dernière vidéo de la chaine Tistrya, au sujet de la musique et de ses pouvoirs, que j’ai appris l’existence de ce fait. For instance, in the Bible, we can use the ages of the ten patriarchs between Adam and Noah, along with Noah’s age at the time of the Great Flood, to find that the flood came after 1,656 years. It unites the body and consciousness with Nature. It helps in releasing the stress and releasing tension from the body and mind naturally2. Ursula Michel — 17 septembre 2016 à 16h13. Okay, so remember that the modern day music tuning standard is set to A = 440 Hz. 7. Les secrets de la musique 432 Hertz et ses bienfaits sur la santé Au-delà du débat commercial, des égos étatiques, ou des habitudes employées par les facteurs d’instruments au fil du temps, s’est-on vraiment posé la question des bienfaits d’une fréquence par rapport à une autre, d’un point de vue strictement scientifique, ou dans un sens plus large, d’un point de vue ésotérique ? Musique. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It completes a a half cycle every 432 of its ‘years’, a quarter cycle every 216 of its ‘years’, and an eighth of a cycle every 108 of its ‘years’. All Rights Reserved. As Graham Hancock points out in his book The Message of the Sphinx, the dimensions of the Great Pyramid and the dimensions of earth are connected at a scale of 1:43,200. 9 Benefits of these healing frequencies. Les ondes et les vibrations ont un grand impact sur les êtres humains. This ratio is represented by the Greek letter phi or ϕ. Phi and the golden ratio are found all throughout nature, art, architecture, and music and are known for being aesthetically pleasing. This number will be important to the relation between Stone Henge and 432. Required fields are marked *. “. Because in 1952, the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that the electromagnetic waves that exist in the space between Earth’s surface and its ionosphere resonate at a frequency between 7.86 and 8 Hz. Benefits of Music Tuned to 432 Hz. C'est probablement pour cela qu'elle est appelé la « fréquence des miracles« 528Hz est la 5ème fréquence du solfège sacré, elle est associé au 3ème chakra, à … In short, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi was an Italian opera composer who advocated for the use of 432 Hz as the standard tuning. 8 Hz is commonly known as “the heartbeat of the planet. Our DNA replicates at a frequency of 8 Hz, and it’s also the nuclear magnetic resonance of hydrogen atoms, as noted by renowned musician and writer Ananda Bosman, which form one of the basic building blocks of living creatures and the universe. 3. Most Popular Newest Releases ……… Solfeggios Chakra Healing Yoga & World Music Mantras for Meditation, Music Blog ……… Official Store Youtube Channel #FridayFreeDownloads Quotes, 528Hz Music  432Hz Music ……. …Quand à notre planète, sa fréquence est de 432 Hz, comme on peut le constater dans ce document Could 432 Hz bring light to your life: less anxiety, emotional healing, greater intuition. Réveil surprenant de l’être humain avec l’aide de la musique en 432 Hertz . These incredible words of wisdom derived from buddhist philosophy will help you live your life fully and with utmost inner happiness. Divide 25,920 by 60 and what do we get? And even their hands, when placed in water, vibrated at 8 Hz. Meditation music tuned to  432 Hz is relaxing for the body and mind and also more harmonically pleasant than 440 Hz. In fact, Dr. Puharich claims to have used the 8 Hz frequency to cure 27 organic diseases during his career, though his skeptics would argue against this on account of his credulous personality. Yet, when we change our tuning to 432 Hz, though it’s only a difference of 8 cycles per second, there’s a noticeable shift in our physical disposition. If we start at 8 Hz, then raise the pitch by five octaves, we come to 256 Hz. Par exemple, 432 Hz et 528 Hz sont les fréquences de l’Amour utilisées par les Anciens, et qui sont connues pour créer des vibrations qui guérissent le mental, le corps, et l’esprit. For example: A study by the American Society of Endodontists found that patients who listened to 432 Hz music before, during, and after root canal operations experienced less anxiety. 5. That they were off by just a fraction of a percent is nothing short of incredible. 2. 432. Disregarding this claim as hearsay, there is reputable evidence in the scientific literature of the benefits of 432 Hz: These studies all report the same trend: a reduction in anxiety and physiological changes in heart rate and blood pressure. Le battement du cœur de la planète aurait une pulsation de 144 Hz, la plus saine qui existe. L’album Coeur symphonique 432 a été créé pour offrir à ressentir les nombreux bienfaits de la cohérence cardiaque et de l’accordage en la 432 hz. 432 Hz is rooted in musical history, geometry, science, and architecture. LA = 432 hertz" Puisque les scientifiques me disent que la molécule d'eau résonne avec 432 hertz et que mon corps est constituté d'au moins 70 % de molécules d'eau H2O alors je ne vois pas pourquoi je continurai à jouer de la musique en 440 hertz ! It’s sometimes called the Great Precessional Year or a Platonic Year. That’s why A at 432 Hz is referred to as “scientific tuning”, because the math is more precise. Tune + Heal + Balance + Energize all 7 Chakras with this Quick Chakra Tune Up and Cleansing meditation exercise. 528 Hz et ses puissants bienfaits sur l'eau: Le Dr. Masaru Emoto, pionnier dans le domaine de la « micro cristallographie », a mené des années de recherche sur l’eau et a notamment étudié l’impact des intentions positives couplées à des vibrations à 528 Hz sur l’eau. Le 432 Hz est dit être mathématiquement cohérent avec les schémas de l’univers. Il existe 22 acides aminésprotéinogènes différents à la base de la constitution d… 5 things that mindful people do differently, Quick 7 Chakras Tune Up | 2 Mins Per Chakra, 417 Hz Healing Music for Sacral Chakra & Cleansing Negative Energy. accordaient aussi leurs instruments sur le LA 432Hz. What did all of these people, from the architects of the Great Pyramid to the great classical composers, know about 432 that we don’t? Musique de relaxation enregistrée à 432 Hz Sentiment de paix et de bien-être super puissant. Additionally, if we tune with the Twelve Fifths Tuning, discovered by the late classical pianist and tuner Maria Renold, and musical mathematician Grammateus, we find even greater mathematical and geometric synergy in the 432 Hz scale. Le ton LA = 432 Hz est le fondement de la musique ; le concept intelligent dans la nature a une base harmonique dans les 432 vibrations par seconde ou Hz (Hertz). For the record, the Twelve Fifths Tuning has natural intervals and allows for an increased resonance, as opposed to the modern Equal Temperament (the adjustment of intervals in tuning a piano or other musical instrument so as to fit the scale for use in different keys). We thought there was something wrong with the CymaScope, but after trying for more than an hour we concluded that the number 3 was somehow universally connected to 432 Hertz.”. Documented evidence of hearing loss at 90 dB occurs after 8 hours. 417 Hz Frequency is also associated with Sacral Chakra and cleansing the negative energy in and around us. But they also have sacred functionality. In other words, a / b is equal to a + b / a. La musique occidentale n’a pas toujours été accordée à 440 Hz. Your email address will not be published. Music played in 432Hz is more pleasing and comfortable to the entire body. First published in German in 1985, Maria's book has become a modern classic of musical research. As a brain wave frequency, 8 Hz is the straddle between the Alpha and Theta frequency ranges, and is realized during meditation (a state of being calm and present), Tai Chi, and when the two hemispheres of our brain are working at peak synchronization. Un phénomène naturel mesuré qui renforce l’idée que les 432 Hz sont entrelacés en une base organique des … Par contre des études et des observations intéressantes ont pointé les bienfaits de la musique de réglage A = 432 Hz. 5 / Bénéficier de la cohérence cardiaque et du 432 Hz. It helps in releasing the stress and releasing tension from the body and mind naturally 2. This soothing of the nerves led to an improvement in associated vital signs, including lower systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate (2). Mindfulness is not just about meditating for a few minutes a day, but more importantly its about how we live our lives day in and out. « 432 » serait donc la fréquence du vivant, et sur cette image, on peut constater l’évidente différence qu’il y a lorsque l’eau est soumise à une fréquence de 432 Hz ou de 440 Hz. It makes sense that those with a deeper, more spiritual connection to the planet are more attuned to their environment. Copyright © 2009 - 2021 Meditative Mind Pty Ltd, Australia. Ila Spa note that only essential oils can absorb and retain these vibrations! shown that people feel calmer, happier and  more relaxed when playing and listening at 432 Hz. With C at 256 Hz, we find A at 432 Hz, also known as “Verdi’s A”, which we explore in greater detail here. Playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432 Hz would fill you with sense of peace and well being as 432 Hz is the harmonic intonation of nature. Music Tuned to 440 Hz Versus 432 Hz and the Health Effects: A Double-blind Cross-over Pilot Study – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih .gov Cela veut dire que tous les instruments de musique, les diapasons, les programmes de création musicale sont accordés à cette fréquence. Influences of 432 Hz Music on the Perception of Anxiety during Endodontic Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih .gov On the musical scale where A has a frequency of 440Hz, the note C is at about 261.656 Hz. A study by the HeartMath Institute found that when our heart is in a state of compassion, it beats at 8 Hz, as measured by an electrocardiogram (or EKG). It’s very interesting and…. Être entouré de musique et de sons réglés à440 Hz pourrait créer du stress, de la tension et un certain malaise dans notre corps, qui n’est pas toujours perceptible. From concert halls to your favorite streaming service, most music you hear today is tuned to 440 Hz. According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and calmer, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. No content on this site may be copied without written consent. 1. According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. A=432 Hz (or LA=432 Hz) is an alternative tuning that is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the Universe. L’importance de la musique . That’s 86,400 weeks. 1) 432 Hz, particularités et bienfaits 432 Hz : musique bien-être pour être relax! Certains articles sur le net disent qu’en 1939 les Nazis décident par leur ministre de la propagande Goebbels d’accorder le La de référence à 440 Hz comme standard, bien que la référence la plus utilisé mondialement fût encore l… John Stuart Reid had this to say about his experiments: 432 Hertz pops out as a triangle, every time we image it. It unites the body and consciousness with Nature.3. 8 Hz continues to provide examples of influence around the world. All Rights Reserved. This makes it the best precessional timekeeper of all the planets. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. See my blog, for more information. Il est clair que la guérison par le son est efficace dans de nombreux cas, et bien que la fréquence spécifique 432 Hz n’ait pas été étudiée en profondeur, il n’ y a pas de mal à essayer ! In fact, 8 Hz is at the root of 432 Hz, literally (in terms of music). Music that is tuned to 432 Hz is more friendly for the ears and unites us to the universal harmony and generates positive effects on mind and body. According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and calmer, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Les fréquences sacrées ou solfège sacré forment une gamme précise dans laquelle on retrouve neuf fréquences dont 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 et 963 Hz. 285Hz + 963 Hz Frequency Music. En écoutant une musique réglée sur la fréquence vibratoire de la Terre,nous pourrions réduire notre stress et notre anxiété, augmenter notre bien-être, développer notre intuition et notre créativité, en bref vivre mieux, tout simplement ! Le La 432, permet de stimuler d’autres fréquences en nous que le La 440. 432 Hz is the frequency in which DNA replicates. For this reason it has been promoted as preferable by physicists like Joseph Felix Savart and Joseph Sauveur, and by scientists like Bartolomeo Grassi Landi. But we, among many other musicians and scientists advocate that it should be A = 432 Hz.Well, it turns out that the additional 8 Hz difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz is a lot more significant than it would seem at first glance.In fact, 8 Hz is at the root of 432 Hz, literally (in terms of music).If we start at 8 Hz, then raise the pitch by five octaves, we co… 432 Hz music is said to resonate inside the body, releasing emotional blockages and aligning you with the heartbeat of the universe. La musique a un pouvoir insoupçonné. Comments are closed. Effect of music at 432 Hz and 440 Hz on dental anxiety and salivary cortisol levels in patients undergoing tooth extraction: a randomized clinical trial – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih .gov. The relevance of the number 432 throughout our world is undeniable. by the seven notes in the scale five times), we reach a frequency of 256Hz in whose scale the note A has a frequency of 432Hz. In addition to the linked names of cited experts and historical persons of interest, there are linked parentheses in the article. First, note that 25,920 years is how long a complete cycle of the equinoxes takes. All you have to do is to sit in comfortable position, and as the music starts focus on the chakra... Let go of all the Negative Energy Blocks with soothing ambience of 417Hz music inspired by Celtic Era. The second circle is made up of 60 stones and represents a full cycle of 25,920 years. Divide 25,920 by 6 and we have 4,320. Research published in 2019 found that 432 Hz music reduced heart rate more than 440 Hz music (, A second study found a significant improvement in sleep for patients with disabilities after listening to 432 Hz music (, A third study (in addition to the one mentioned at the beginning of this article) in pre-op dental patients found “The use of music significantly decreased clinical anxiety levels, and the frequency of 432 Hz was effective in decreasing salivary cortisol levels before tooth extraction” (. Other than being popular tourist attractions and ancient monuments that we don’t quite understand, they both have a geometric relation to 432, as do many other such sites like Sri Yantra. For him, it is not just pleasant to the ear, but very helpful  in unlocking mysteries on the level of consciousness  itself. 528 hz bienfaits Fréquences Sacrées et leurs bienfaits . Rich G. NASA has recorded what they loosely claim to be a "B-flat" extending away from one black hole, the Perseus. Scientist and medical doctor, Dr. Andrija Puharich, studied healers from different cultures, and faiths around the world and found that their brain waves tended to resonate at 8 Hz. 6:00 0:30. We see this same connection in Stone Henge. Now, keep in mind that the radius and circumference of Earth, as we know it today, is based on the most advanced methods of measurement that we have, whereas the Pyramids were built thousands of years ago. It can lower stress and anxiety, blood pressure and heartbeat, which can help us all improve our health. Fulcanelli, the French alchemist and author of Le Mystère des Cathédrales, noted 432’s significance in relation to 25,920 in the orbit of Saturn: Saturn, because it is at the greatest distance from the sun of all the visible planets, has the longest ‘year’, taking a little less than 30 years to complete one circuit of the zodiac. Half that number and you get 43,200. 3. Saturn completes one precessional Great Year of 25,920 years every 864 of its ‘years’. “Music based on 432hz will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. On the other hand, with A at 440 Hz, we are left with C at 261.656 Hz, a mathematically awkward frequency; not a whole number. For instance, we find phi both in the spiral of our inner ear or cochlea, as well as in the spiral of the DNA double helix. A as 432 Hz happens to exist exactly as the harmonic 3rd of this F frequency (10.8 hz x 5 = 54 hz, and up a few octaves = 432 Hz. The music is said to heighten perception, increase mental clarity and unlock intuition. Notre corps en est composé d’environ 20%, dans nos cellules, muscles et tissus. Prev Next . He wanted 432 Hz vibration to be spread around the world.